Our History

Thanks to more than 30 years’ experience in the taps industry Giami can be considered one of the leader factories specialized in the manufacture of mechanical working at very high quality standard.

The company was born as Mingolla Srl and only in 2011 took the present name, covering with a 3.000 sq.m Productive plant an area of 12.000 sq.m. Every year we produce more than 2.000.000 pieces that reflect the top quality of our range of products.

We design and produce our own products, but our core business is the customization of articles according to customers’ request that we quickly execute with accuracy and care for details. We focus on the manufacturing of products meant for taps and fitting field but today the 40% of our market is represented also by industry. To this purpose we develop interesting projects that help strengthening our possibility of growth.

Why to choose Us

We are able to follow our customers in every stage of the manufacturing process: product “feasibility”, project, execution of equipment, casting and pressing, lathe and fitting working.

Technical Project

Our Technical Projects are carried out thanks to a highly specialized know-how that foresees product feasibility, execution of moulds and equipment according to customer’s request.


It can be provided either through 3D printing or mechanical working in our workshop.


We carry out the finished product with multi-purpose work-centers, some of them totally mechanized.