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GIAMI S.R.L. vi invita alla fiera ISH, dal 11 al 15 Marzo 2019, a Francoforte. Siamo anche lieti di annunciare che parteciperemo all’iniziativa “Italian Water District”, un’area speciale all’interno del padiglione 1.1 che comprende più di 15 aziende caratterizzate dalla produzione MADE IN ITALY....

Dal mondo Giami

We always invest in the latest technologies: this is our 5 axis machining centers with loading/unloading module. Main advantages: - high autonomy for unmanned machining - very fast machine installation and startup - easy access for tooling and maintenance - machining with total safety of the operator Stay tuned with us!

Happy start of the week! We are always at work to give you the best quality and the best service possible.

Made in Giami only: AISI 316 stainless steel hot-stamped wall mounted basin mixer.